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Arctic Animals & Slimy Critters


  • Arctic animals are animals that live in the Arctic region or better known as the Arctic Circle.These animals are able to adapt to the region's extremely cold wheather.most of them even have thick white fur to prevent them from getting cold.
  • Polar bear,walrus and arctic fox are example of arctic animals.


  • The largest bears in the world.
  • The adults can weigh to a maximum of 600kg.
  • The male polar bear are generally larger than the females.
  • Their coats can be form white to yellowish in colour.
  • Polar bears have a thick oily fur coat & layer of fat that enable them to spend most of their time on the ice or in the water.
  • Their favourite food is seal but they also eat fish,arctic foxes and birds.


  • Arctic foxes are small,cat-like animals ( though they are from the dog family ) with short legs & short rounded fury ears.
  • They have bushy tail of about 30 cm long.Their thick fur coat makes them look much larger than they really are.
  • When the snows starts to melt,the fox sheds its winter coat for a thinner greyish-brown coat,but as the summers ends the Arctic fox begins to grow a thicker coat again.
  • As for food,the Arctic fox loves to eats birds,birds' eggs,sea urchins,fish,squirrels,hares and even dead animals.


  • Walruses are a type of huge marine flipper mammals.
  • They weigh from 900kg to 1400kg.
  • The male walruses are longer & heavier than the females.
  • The walruses' skin is brownish in colour and is very thick and wrinkled.
  • They have flat front and hind flippers & they have long sharp tusks which are actually an enlarged form of their canine teeth.
  • For food,walruses feed on clams,mussels,krill,crabs,worms & snails.It will also eat octopus & fish.


Slugs and snails belong to a group called Mollusks.The two may look different,but actually they are the same thing.The only difference is one carries a shell ( snail ) and one does not ( slug ).

Mollusks come in many different forms but are predominantly categorised as soft-bodied animals without any body segmentation.


Snails & slugs like damp sports,especially in the garden.They feed on decaying vegetation,fungi,plant leaves,damppaper & cardboard.Besides that,they also eat garden plants.


Snails & slugs are found in a variety of habitats especially in moist environments.Most of them can be found hiding under logs & rocks,in leaf litter or under the bark of trees.During humid weather or times of rainfall they can be seen foraging for food or looking for mates.In some agricultural areas,snails & slugs often cause problems to farmers as huge number of them contaminate harvest.

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