Sebahagian AJK Muslimin sesi 12/13 dan sesi 13/14 ketika Muktamar Tahun Lepas Sebahagian AJK Muslimat sesi 12/13 dan sesi 13/14 ketika Muktamar Tahun Lepas PERPPIS!!! Gambar FB PERPPIS TAWAU


Gangsterisme associated with violence. Do you agree with this statement? nowadays, teenagers are more prone to gangsterisme. What is the actual meaning of gangsterisme? Well, Collin English dictionary states that gangsterisme is the habit of using any organized gang of criminals. According to Utusan Malaysia 1998, the social phenomenon of gangsterisme had shown a vast increase and thus increasing the rate of vandalism, threatening and also drug addictions among teenagers. If the study had been carried otu in 1998 had showed a vast increase in gangsterisme, it was 11 years ago. What about nowadays? Of course the number of gangsterisme increasing each year. there are several factors of gangsterisme.

Lack of religious education is one of the factors of gangsterisme. A staunch belief in God is the main instrument in managing lustful drives. It is also the source of all suffering of human beings. the sources at times are latent, thin, hidden and sometimes activated. So long there is lack of religious wisdom, so long there is unconscious state of mind and so long there will be suffering provoking thoughts that are caused by self ego, attachment, aversion and love for physical body will remain vibrantly alive.

Person who has low self-esteem intends to get more involve in gangsterisme easily. This is categorized as individual influences. Someone with low self-esteem does not has enough confident within themself. In this situation, they hardly communicate with other people. Besides, people with low academic-minded can easily get affected from their peer groups. Educations can help we as the teenagers to think with more rationally and matured about somethings because we already know what is right or wrong.

Peer group also contribute in gangsterisme issue. What is the meaning of peer groups? Peer group is the same age group of people who plays around, grow up together or buddy who strive together. How does our buddy can affect us to gangsterisme? Well, our friends play an important role in influencing us to do something. We usually tend to share our problems with our friends than discussing it with our family. Maybe this is because our family do not understand our feeling better. sometimes they treat us like a child. As we grow becoming teenagers of course we do not want life as living in a cage right? Sometimes teenagers want a little bit freedom. That is why friends act as a second family for most teenagers but if we choose a wrong friend, we can be doomed.

Family ties are important. It can strengthen the parents-sons relationships. It is a must to parents to share a quality times with their children despite the exhausted and tiring days in works. If they do this, children especially those who are teenagers feel their parents' love and care for them. But the circumstances is really different nowadays. Parents are becoming more obsessions for persuing materials thus neglecting spiritual ties which is important in building a more religious person. Moreover, if they feel that they are being ignored of course they tend to organized group in order to do violence.

In conclusion, gangsterisme can bring a lot of disadvantages to teenagers like us. Therefore, we must fill ourselves with faith to Allah and stick to our Quran and Hadith because as long as we stick in these two things we will remain in the right paths. So, what do we wait anymore? Go and search for mardhatillah. Remember, life is only once so fill it with solid faith to Allah. Never involve ourselves in doomness because we will lose in the hereafter.Heaven is for the people who always remember Him in happiness or in sadness.

From : Nisa'
Date : 6 November 2009
Time : 5.28 p.m.

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