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Why do you love me??

Girl : Why do you love me?
Man: Because I love you very much and thats it!!
Girl : Thats not it!! Tell me the truth!! Why do you love me?? How can you say you love me very much?
Man: Well..actually I love you because yaou're special to me. You're different from any other girls in this world.
Girl : What make you say like that?? Explain to me..I really want to know why do you love me..
Man: Your wish is my command..I love you because your voices make my heart pounded faster than ever you can imagine, you have a beautiful complexion and your smile is sweet, so sweet until I can merely half death if I don't see your smile, you're caring and loving to others, and the most importantly is that you're my inspiration..

Well my friends, from your point of view is that man really in love with the girl? Is that a true love? Come on, tell me guys..

Love ..Its one of the most exciting topics to talk and to be shared together with you. When we talk about love, what comes in our mind? Yeah.. love is a natural feelings that Allah had given to all His servants. It is natural if all human kind want to love someone and want to be loved. Why is anyone falling in love? Of course there is something that can capture their attention like something beautiful, enjoyable and comfortable at something of the love objects. Therefore, its the desire of affecting. Well my friends, we can ask people around us especially those who are called "teenage". Ask them if there have been falling in love with someone with the opponent sex..Most of them will surely say yes..and now ask ourselves the same question..What is the answer? Is it yes or not? Well, only we and God know the answer.

Like I say before that love is something natural that are given by God to His servants. But the main focus is how do we source the feelings that Allah has given to us correctly? If you say that the man really love the girl so much and it is a kind of true love, well you will be surprised because your answer is wrong..Why?If that all the trigger of love that is just because of that(beauty, care,wealth and so on) it is just a humane. What a pity if love is just to give to the imperfection with the lacks of everywhere. Think carefully my dear friends..If you love someone because of his/her beauty, it can fade away, if you love someone because of his/her wealth it will not last forever. It can say we are mean if we try to find something that not remain forever meanwhile we forgot our love to the perfect one that is Allah.. The Creator Of The Universe..

The feeling of love deep down inside us is merely a drop from the Full of Love One that is Allah. Allah loves muttaqins and those who repent and purifying themselves "...the faithful people know better how to manage their love in order to avoid meaningless love. They frame their love with marital based only to Allah. Nowadays we surely seen that our people especially those who are still in 'teen-age' are wrong in posturing their feeling of love. Love, which supposedly to be directed are now reversely directed, love which supposedly to be controlled are now reversely controlled. If we can't guide love correctly and wisely we can easily lose and follow our stuck lust. Just look what happen to our society now.. Statistics show that babies dumpings are one of the high cases that occur and each days there are innocent babies be borned and dumped..And what the mostly shocked parts are mostly teenagers like us that do that (from illegal relationship)!! Yeah, its true. Another prospective is if we can control and use the feeling of love wisely and correctly, it can bring us to eternal peaceness and glory in this world and hereafter.

Well my dear fellows..See how love can bring us.. Choose wisely whether you want a short kind of joy or the long-lasting joy and happiness. Its not wrong that we have a feeling to someone but control it. Don't ever polluted the feeling with our stuck lust. Now its not a suitable time yet. One day, the time will come where we can tie the relationship with marriage. And remember also that Islam not prohibitted marriage. There is good reasons why our religion prohibitted free sex and one of the reasons is that to concerned the dignity of individuals.

Rasullah s.a.w. utterance:

Excluded of my members anyone who doesn't like marriage

This is because marrying is one of the Sunnah Rasul.

Thats all for now I want to share with you. If God will (Insyaallah) I shall share with you again. See you again..Peace on you (Assalamualaikum)

Work dedicated from: Zinnirah's team
Time: 08.19 a.m.
Date: 07/09/2010

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