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Venomous Snakes

Venomous Snakes are snakes that have poisons in them. These poisons are injected into their prey.The venom can either kill or paralyzed their victims.It can also be used as self-defence for the snake.Here are few examples of the most poisonous snakes in the world.

Inland Taipan
Also known as the 'fierce snake',the Inland Taipan is the most toxic and poisonous land snake in the whole world.Its lethal dose is estimated to be fifty times more than the rattlesnake!
King Cobra
The world's longest venomous snake.Its length can reach an incredible 5.6 m long! Other than that,the King Cobra also contains enough venom to kill 20-40 grow men!

Black Mamba

One of the most dangerous and feared snakes in the world,mainly Africa.It is also the second largest snake in the world,after the King Cobra. Plus,acording to some legends,this snake is known to chase its prey for miles!

RattlesnakeOne of the most 'famous' snakes in the world,especially in movies and TV,the rattlesnake gets its name from the rattle at the end of its tail.The rattle is a type of warning device that the snake uses whenever it feels threatened. So if you happen to hear a rattle sound,beware!
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